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The Meerkats wake up each day with a single intention...
To break new ground in digital marketing through innovation driven by creativity.
And we don't just put your business firmly ahead of the competition. Our strategies disrupt industries and give your customers a truly special brand experience in the process.
Come find the Blue Ocean.


Meerkat Social is a dedicated Social Media Advertising Agency with offices on the Gold Coast and in Terrigal on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW.

We were created by the growing frustrations that business owners found with social media. They knew they should be doing something, but that didn't quite know what or how! We couldn't watch people pull their hair out any longer. In 2017, Meerkat was born.

Since that day, Meerkat Social has developed an impressive track record for disrupting industries and creating strong commercial outcomes, particularly in the Health & Wellness, eCommerce and Property Finance sectors.


Meerkat Social is high-impact advertising to suit your objectives. To check out exactly what we do...


Ready for effective digital marketing to take business to the next level?


Recycled Mats Review
MAHC Review
Loca Sportswear Review
SmartStyle Shutters Review
Recycled Mats Review
MAHC Review
Loca Sportswear Review
SmartStyle Shutters Review


Every Meerkat has a mob. This is ours.



You NEED to stand out on social media. Amazing content is the key.

Meerkat Social can help you develop the skills to post amazing photos and captions every time. Watch your following grow and your engagement explode! The skills taught in our workshops are invaluable for making the most of social media for your business.



Meerkat Social will produce professional standard social media & blogging content for you! We'll even get down and dirty to catch your business at its best! See a selection of our portfolio here.

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