Property & Finance Professionals - Give Rubbish Leads & Tyre Kickers The Boot!

Finally, a system for generating qualified and genuinely interested property and finance leads!

A problem we all face in business is time-wasters.

If you’re in high ticket sales, particularly in the property and finance sector, you know exactly what I mean.

You and your team spend hours daily frustrated on the phone with poor quality leads. Well, have I got news for you…

Meerkat Social develops innovative, industry disrupting strategies to optimise the quality of your leads from paid social media advertising.

Traditionally, advertisers on Facebook use ads which take people to native lead forms, then maybe to a landing page for a booking function. This presents problems due to the low friction nature of the form and becomes a breeding ground for time-wasters.

Sound familiar?

With industry leading strategy, Meerkat was able to significantly increase the quality of leads generated from paid social by using a gamification funnel! Adding a fun, quiz-like element to the process not only improved user engagement but also sorted qualified and unqualified leads.

Upon completion, qualified users were given the opportunity to book an appointment or consultation online Unqualified leads were politely notified that they weren’t a good fit and wasted no more of the sales team’s time.

This strategy produces highly qualified leads and also assisted in optimising the follow up process for the sales team. Across multiple clients in the finance sector, highly qualified leads booked consultations at a conversion rate of 25%.

Even better, the quiz also drove an average 70% reduction in cost per consultation compared to previous efforts!

View a demonstration of the quiz built for a First Home Buyer market here:

If you like the sound of industry disruptive strategy for your business, get in touch.

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