Building Local Awareness for Chris Newman of Galaxy Finance

Chris Newman is a Mortgage Broker working under the Galaxy Finance brand. Meerkat Social worked with Chris on a campaign to raise brand awareness in his local area of Terrigal.

Over the course of just one week, Meerkat Social broadcast Chris' message to 10 thousand individuals and made over 11 thousand local impressions. This led to 246 engagements with both the campaign material and Chris' Facebook page.

The campaign creative was inspired by the core value of Chris' offering. Refinancing a loan with Chris comes at no cost the the customer, which means it can be done easily and without risk. This was a large selling point for Galaxy Finance and hence was at the heart of the campaign.

The campaign focused on what a customer could do with the money they saved by refinancing their loans. These savings could see them eating out in fancy restaurants, holidaying to exotic Tahiti or upgrading to their dream home. The creative elements of the campaign received great feedback from customers.

This campaign was a resounding success and we are sure Chris will continue to feel a significant impact in his brand awareness, lead generation and customer retention.

For a relatively small investment, Chris was able to broadcast his advertising message in a much more economic and effective medium than radio, television or print!

We are excited by the prospect of working with Chris as he builds his business into the future.

You can check out Chris' Facebook feed here...

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