Social Media FAQ's
So what do you actually do?

Meerkat Social uses paid social media placements to advertise your business. We carefully consider your market, customer demographics, products, services and a number of other factors to maximise your investment.

How much does it cost?

Meerkat Social delivers high impact advertising campaigns. We cater to your specific objectives and our prices adapt to your desired reach and impact. For enquiries on price, Contact Us.

How long do campaigns run for?

Social Media Advertising has most impact when run over a period of time. Coordinated advertising campaigns should be scheduled to run for at least one month, though typically better results are achieved by long term investments.

How long will it take to see results?

Sustained messages have the greatest effect. Every campaign is unique and so results will vary depending on your objectives, your budget and the market.

Do you post on our behalf?

It is our standard policy to not interfere with the regular social media activity of your business. We may occasionally post on your behalf, but not without your permission. Our advertising extends on regular social media activity, not replaces it. 

How can you be an expert on my business?

We work to combine your industry expertise with our marketing expertise to produce real results. Your input is crucial to the success of the campaign, as no-one knows your business like you do.

Have any further questions? Interested in having a chat about how we can make social media work for your business? Get in touch, we won't disappoint.

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